The Hold Me Tight Program is a 16-hour educational program based on the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) and the book Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson.  Couples will strengthen their bond through…

  • Teaching of the theory and practice of love and the 7 conversations in Hold Me Tight
  • Video clips of real couples having the conversation
  • Private couple exercises structured around each conversation
  • Group discussion about the impact of the exercises
  • Consultation with experienced couples therapists
  • Homework assignments

Take this chance to keep your love alive.  You deserve it, your partner deserves it, your relationship deserves it.

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why join?

Chances are you’ve stumbled across this site because you have someone special in your life…someone you love dearly.  If you have a deep love for someone…and you happen to also be human…then you’ve learned that your love needs special care.  Our workshops create a space where you can get away from the world and, with support of well-trained couples therapists, experience a new way of connecting.  With the help of Sue Johnson, we’ve designed a wonderful workshops full of education, conversations, food, and fun for rejuvenating your love.

In this educational workshop you will learn to understand your needs in your love relationship and how to respond to those of your partner.  You will learn why sometimes you completely miss each other and how to maintain emotional balance in the moments that hurt.  Then we show you how to come close and share the most tender parts of yourself in a way that helps your partner respond to you in a way that feels oh so good.

Because that is what creates a lasting bond that can keep your love alive…forever!


the seven conversations 

Recognizing Demon Dialogues—Identify negative patterns and hear each other in a different way.
Finding the Raw Spots—Look beyond immediate, impulsive reactions to identify the raw spots underneath.
Revisiting a Rocky Moment—De-escalate conflict and repair rifts to build emotional safety.
Hold Me Tight—Move into being more accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged with each other.
Forgiving Injuries—Integrate injuries into conversations as demonstrations of renewal and connection. Finding and offering forgiveness empowers couples to strengthen their bond.
Bonding Through Sex and Touch—Find how emotional connection creates great sex, and good sex creates deeper emotional connection.
Keeping Your Love Alive—Make plans to be deliberate and mindful about maintaining connection.  Love is a continual process of losing and finding emotional connection.

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